In the last 25 years we have been designing, producing,
upgrading and servicing generating sets.

Generating sets

  • Technical consultations and design of standard and customized solutions.
  • Integration and service of alternators – partnership with SINCRO – a leading company in this field.
  • Design, production and service of automatic and semi-automatic electrical boards for remote control and diagnostics. Integration of components produced by LOVATO-ELECTRIC, DATAKOM, COMAP.
  • Generating sets for rent.

Diesel engines

  • Integration and service of diesel engines – Energia Marvakov is an official distributor and service of the German company for diesel engines HATZ-Diesel. In addition, our company has partnership with BIMOTOR for FTP-Iveco engines used in many agricultural and industrial machinery.
  • Maintenance and service – we have a mobile group of specialists, who have the knowledge and technical skills for servicing and prevention of each type of generating set and other machinery.
  • Supply of spare parts.