About us

We are the Marvakov family and in the last 25 years we have been designing, producing, upgrading and servicing generating sets.

eng. Rumen Marvakov

Rumen Marvakov

the founder: he has worked in the field of generating sets all of his life

eng. Marusya Marvakova

knows all for the office

Georgi Marvakov

the person with the ideas

We know how important is for you the good quality of the generating sets.. This is why we produce our products with high quality components and an integrated option for automatic, semi-automatic, and/or remote control and diagnostics.

In order to provide highest quality for the final product and its following maintenance, we independently cover the whole range of the following activities:

  • Technical consultations and design of standard and customized solutions.
  • Integration and service of alternators – we have partnership with the leading company SINCRO.
  • Design, production and service of automatic and semi-automatic electrical boards for remote control and diagnostics. Integration of components produced by LOVATO-ELECTRIC, DATAKOM, COMAP.
  • Integration and service of diesel engines – Energia Marvakov is an official distributor and service of the German company for diesel engines HATZ-Diesel. In addition, our company has partnership with BIMOTOR for FTP-Iveco engines used in many agricultural and industrial machinery.
  • Maintenance and service – we have a mobile group of specialists, who have the knowledge and technical skills for servicing and prevention of each type of generating set and other machinery.
  • Delivery of spare parts.
  • Generating sets for rent.

Quality is our highest priority.– our quality control system is certified by ISO 9001-2008 and is in line with the requirements for specific standardization and regulation documents.